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This content from the Department of Foreign Affairs has moved to Ireland.ie/irish-aid

Our sectoral policies

Our work is guided by sound policies and strategies based on evidence of what works in order to bring about  real changes in the lives of poor men and women.   ‌


Our work on global hunger  is guided by the recommendations of the Hunger Task Force Report to the Government of Ireland 


Our Irish Aid Education Policy and Strategy highlights our main priorities and approach in our work on  education.


Our Health Policy guides our approach and programmes in  health at national and international levels.

Humanitarian Relief

Our Humanitarian Relief Policy paper sets out our overall approach to humanitarian assistance and our key priorities in the implementation of policy


The Irish Aid Environmental Policy details how we will deliver on our commitment to reducing poverty through environmentally sustainable development

Gender Equality

Our Irish Aid Gender Equality Policy 2004 identifies gender equality as central to all our work and outlines our main objectives and the approaches we use.  


This policy document Building Good Governance through Development Co-operation, outlines why building good governance is central to our work and sets out our approach and the main areas of focus.

Local Development

Our Irish Aid Local Development Policy 2008 local development policy guides the programmes we undertake in support of  local development.

Civil Society

The Civil Society Policy defines our understanding of civil society and its role in development. It sets out our key objectives and the principles which guide our partnerships with civil society organisations.

Development Education

Our Irish Aid Development Education Strategy Plan 2017 - 2023 sets out the aims and objectives of our support to development education.

Irish Aid Logo Guidelines

The Irish Aid logo guidelines outline the use of our various logos by partner organisations.



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