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Pancakes are a vital source of income for one Ugandan woman

Budget/funding, News/feature, Uganda, 2015
Uganda pancakes

Irish Aid’s social assistance grant helps Veronica with her pancake business

Do you only think about pancakes on Pancake Tuesday? For Veronica Obotha, pancakes are a vital source of income to support herself and two grandchildren.

Veronica sells pancakes to others from Owinyopielo village in Uganda every Friday and Sunday, which are market days. She set up her pancake business, after receiving support from the Ugandan Government’s Social Assistance Grant, which is sponsored through Irish Aid.  Veronica receives about €7 a month from the Social Assistance Grant.

Setting up the business was not the first thing Veronica did with her grant. She first used it to buy food for her family –to supplement the maize and cassava she grows, and then to pay school fees for the children. She then bought a goat and 20 bundles of grass for re-thatching her house. 

Pancakes are a vital source of income for Veronica

When she had these immediate needs met, Veronica joined a savings group with other women in the village, each contributing €3 per month.  These savings have helped her to set up the business, so she can help sustain herself and her family. In the future, Veronica plans to construct a latrine and a bathroom in her home, and to increase her goat herd.

With all that activity, you would be forgiven for assuming Veronica was a young woman in her thirties. But at 74, widowed with six surviving children, and supporting two grandchildren whose parents have passed away, I think you’ll agree – Veronica Obotha is one very inspirational woman!