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Assessment of Internal Control and Risk Management Systems in Key Partner Countries


Aid Effectiveness, Governance, Evaluations, Africa, Global, Ireland, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, Vietnam, Zambia, 2014

Assisting farmers around the world


Agriculture, Hunger, Poverty, Environmental/Climate Change, News/feature, Africa, Ireland, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Timor Leste, 2013
Village Savings and Loan Association group, Inhambane, Mozambique. Photo: Luisa Duarte, Irish Aid

Accessing credit in rural Mozambique


Budget/funding, Poverty, Hunger, Gender, Case study, Africa, Ireland, Mozambique, 2013
Minister Joe Costello TD and Irish Ambassador to Tanzania, Fionnuala Gilsenan, visit Mambogo water treatment plant with Nicholas O’Dwyer Consulting Engineers

Minister for Trade and Development visits Tanzania South Africa and Mozambique


Aid Effectiveness, Governance, Trade, News/feature, Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa, Ireland, 2013
Minister of State, Joe Costello meets Sam Gibson, Mayor of Freetown and Sunkarrie Kabba

Cities Against Poverty Conference Held in Dublin


Governance, Poverty, News/feature, Ireland, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Mozambique, 2013

Ireland's Partner Countries Factsheet: Mozambique


HIV & AIDS, Poverty, Guidelines, Mozambique, 2012
Paulo Moisés Manhique, farmer Inhambane Province, Mozambique, photo: Chanito Gordinho

New opportunities for the private sector in Mozambique


Agriculture, Trade, Case study, Mozambique, 2012

Irish Aid Mozambique Country Strategy Paper 2012-2016


Aid Effectiveness, Country Strategy Paper, Mozambique, 2012

MOS Costello Brussels on Ireland's Presidency


Hunger, News/feature, Malawi, Mozambique, 2012
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Evaluation of the Irish Aid Mozambique Country Strategy 2007-2010


Aid Effectiveness, Evaluations, Mozambique, 2011

Minister O’Sullivan announces Review of White Paper on Irish Aid


Aid Effectiveness, News/feature, Malawi, Mozambique, 2011

Review of Irish Aid-Clinton Foundation Partnership


HIV & AIDS, Health, Research Report, Lesotho, Mozambique, 2010

Evaluation of the Irish Aid Mozambique Country Strategy Paper 2001-2006


Aid Effectiveness, Evaluations, Mozambique, 2008

Irish Aid Mozambique Country Strategy Paper 2007-2010


Aid Effectiveness, Education, HIV & AIDS, Health, Country Strategy Paper, Mozambique, 2007
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